«Red Dolphin» provides document legalization services for further use in China, as well as official documents issued by the government of China for using abroad.

What is legalization?

Legal documents are always required to be on hand to be presented to officials of other country. This means that documents given in any country only have legal power in the country it was issued and where it can be fully utilized. But it needs to be legalized to be valid in other country.

The apostille is a simplified way of legalization. But it’s only accepted in the countries that participated in the Hague Convention of 1961. PRC didn’t join this convention, therefore apostille has no legal power in China.

Our company provides services for:

Service type:Price:
Legalization of Beijing diplomas for any countryBy request
Legalization of a foreign diploma to be used on PRC territories200$
Legalization of documents from Beijing to be used abroadBy request

*For the up to date prices, please contact our consultant

Diploma Legalization:

There are only two possible ways to legalize diplomas to be valid in China:

1. Legalization in the issuing country

This type of legalization is made in a few different ways, for example, the process in Russia looks as the following:

  1. Notarization of the translation of the diploma
  2. Certification for the signature of the notary in the Ministry of Justice
  3. Certification of the seal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. Certification of documents in the PRC consulate

2. Legalization in the PRC

The procedure goes through the Ministry of Education of China.  The Ministry of Education sends a request to your university for confirmation of the authenticity of your diploma and this information later is used to validate the legality of your diploma on PRC territory. The document will have a printed QR-code confirming the authenticity of your documents. This type of legalization is accepted in all authorities in China.

This legalization enables your degree meet all the PRC standards. For example: a specialists degree will be equalized to a master’s degree.