The consulting company “Red Dolphin” provides Visa services and consults clients in all their questions connected to registration/re-registration and extension of all types of visas, focusing at work visas and permits for foreign citizens.

Obtaining of a work permit

Obtaining of a work permit is a difficult and multi-stage process, which includes preparing and checking of documents, work on Ministry of Labor website and personal submission of original documents.


We select a position according to company scope of work, consult, prepare an employment contract, translate stamps on legalized diplomas (if required), prepare all the documents according to the requirements of Ministry of Labor, fill in the application form and download all the documents to the Ministry of Labor website, then prepare all required documents for visa application (certificate of employment from an employer, request for changing visa type and so on). Personal submission of original documents to the relevant authorities is performed by the client. We prepare a list of authorities to attend, a list of documents for submission and make an appointment.


All the above-mentioned + personal accompanying by an employee of the company on stages 2, 4, 6, on stages 3 and 7 obtaining document without client’s personal appearance.


400 yuan and 800 yuan visa fees, diploma legalization, obtaining of non-criminal record and so on, if necessary discussed separately.


Prepayment 3500 yuan, the rest payment after the first stage passing (online application for a work permit)


If a company hasn’t been registered in the Ministry of Labor system — registration — to 5 working days (cost 1000 yuan).

  1. Online application for a work permit — 5 working days;
  2. Personal application for a work permit (personal appearance of applying person or employee of a company is required) — 8 working days;
  3. Obtaining of work permit notification (prior work permit);
  4. Obtaining of short-term work visa Z or residence permit for 1-3 months (personal appearance of an applying person is required) — 10 working days;
  5. Online application for a work permit — 5 working days;
  6. Personal application for a work permit (personal appearance of applying person or employee of a company is required) — 5 working days;
  7. Obtaining of permit (plastic card);
  8. Obtaining of employment residence permit (personal appearance of an applying person is required) — 10 working days.

In Beijing and in some other cities it is possible to change any type of visa into a work visa. For obtaining actual information about interested city, clarification upon request is required.


1. Diploma. If the diploma is Chinese, legalization is not required, if the diploma is foreign, legalization for China is required;
2. The electronic photo on a white background bareheaded (without a hat), as for documents, hair must be pulled back;
3. A copy of a passport;
4. Work experience certification, at least 2 years (if master degree major is related to the work position and the time of graduation is lee than 2 years — work experience certificate is not needed);
5. Non-criminal record (If the record is from Russia/Ukraine, legalization is required, the record from Consulate is not needed legalization, needed only translation);
6. The medical report must be done in a specialized accredited medical facility.

Address in Beijing: 北京市海淀区西北旺德政路10号中国检验检疫大楼西侧配楼,08:00-11:00, for other cities upon request.

We can help with the preparation and submission of diploma legalization, non-criminal record, translation, and paperwork of other missing documents.


1. Password and login for Ministry of Labor system (if it has) (外国人来华工作管理服务系统密码和用户名);
2. Company license (营业执照);
3. A scan of a director id-card (法人身份证);
4. Phone number of a director (法人电话);
5. Timely assistance of an employer is required (regularly stamping on documents that we prepare is required). (及时回复和联系,经常会需要在我们准备的文件上盖公章).

Visa Support Services without leaving China (Assistance in preparing documents and escort):

Service type:Price:
Tourist, family visitor visa extension85$
Business visa extension150$
Visas to the Russian FederationBy request

Obtaining of a work permit & work visa

Service type:Price:
Remote paperwork for foreigner’s work permit and work visa830$
Physical apply for work visa and work permit1120$
Extension of work visa and work permit360$
Renewal of work permit1120$
Cancellation of work permit270$
Registration to a new company in PRC through Ministry of Labor570$
Cancellation and registration to a new company in PRC through Ministry of Labor system830$
Login and Password recovery in the Ministry of Labor online system150$

*For the up to date prices, please contact our consultant

It must be noted that the process of obtaining a work visa in China has several levels and requires extensive preparation. While the wide experience of our employees and up to date data in regards to visa procedures, in accordance with the amendments to the Chinese Central Government, allows us to provide our clients with all the necessary support.